Wellness Update

Wellness Update September 2016

Regular visitors of Want for Wellness probably noticed I have slipped into an unannounced hiatus since July. As I just expanded the amount of categories on my blog, you can imagine this was completely unplanned! In this article I’ll share the reason for my absence, which really consists out of happy news!

So, what’s up?

Unfortunately circumstances forced me to take it easy. Really easy. I didn’t even feel well enough to throw out a tweet or two until the end of August. Although I usually tweet about things that occupy me, even I felt a little put off by my lack-luster content.

Wellness Update

Honestly this was all that occupied me at that moment: Staying inside. Watching series and reading books I’ve seen and read a dozen times before, simply because it felt comfortable and uncomplicated. There were enough complications going on! Because…

I am pregnant!

After a brief period of changing practice into effort, we managed to conceive a baby we already truly love and cherish. We simply couldn’t be more thrilled of the prospect of welcoming our child into our lives, and to share our love among ourselves, and with those around us!

Unfortunately, happy though I might be to be pregnant, so far it hasn’t been without complications. From week 5 I suffered from extreme pregnancy nausea (which my doctor even named by it’s official yet daunting name, Hyperemesis Gravidarum). I will spare you the details, but it left me bed-ridden for 7 weeks, with a constant struggle to take in (and keep in) sufficient nutrients and fluids. Luckily I managed to keep myself from having to be hospitalized, and 15 weeks in I can say I am slowly improving.


During my sickbed I noticed the amount of visitors to the blog increased significantly. And as I am on my way to recovery, I am planning to pick up writing articles as of old! I hope my readers will keep in mind that writing for Want for Wellness generally requires a good bit of research and effort: Nonetheless I will gladly publish an article every time I feel inspired to do so!

“Does this mean Want for Wellness will change into a mommy blog?”

No, it does not! Although motherhood will definitely be a topic I would like to mention in my articles, Want for Wellness is a website which focuses on a broad spectrum of life-fulfillment. If you are interested in my perspective on pregnancy and motherhood (and if you are Dutch), my blog Inside and Out might be worth a visit!


This will be a new era for me and the mister, not to mention an exciting time in general. I am looking forward to continue blogging, and to pick up new and interesting opportunities for Want for Wellness! But under current circumstances, I do have to change my bio soon… 😉

Wellness Update Bio

Love, Nathalie

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  • Reply Lucie November 15, 2016 at 18:51

    I am so glad you are back, Nathalie! Also, congratulation to your pregnancy and wish you good luck. 🙂


    • Reply Nathalie | WantForWellness.com November 17, 2016 at 15:32

      Thanks Lucie! I haven’t been writing much as of late as I’m still pretty sick but I’m looking forward to pick it up again 🙂

  • Reply Sophie September 30, 2016 at 15:25

    Aah wat leuk, gefeliciteerd! <3

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